L & L Products India Pvt. Ltd Chakan Pune

L&L is an American company. In India they are manufacturing different types of insulation required for the Auto industry. They have also started manufacturing fire rated acoustic panels for use in false ceilings and interiors.

They have commissioned a greenfield facility to expand their production in Chakan MIDC near ARAI.

They wanted us to design a plant specifically to suit their manufacturing process and maximize the potential of the plot.

Some of the features of the project are
1) 10 M level difference in plot.
2) 10 M height RE wall used to replace traditional retaining walls to save time and cost.
3) North light structure for uniform good lighting in production area.
4) Modular metal Fencing to improve aesthetical looks and time.
5) Road sub base using GSB saved time and cost also improve quality against soling metalling.
6) Excavated rock material Blended with out side murrum to save transportation, grade down of the boulders, time and cost.

  1. Plot Area : 26,000.00 SqM
  2. Built Up Area - Plant and Office : 19,380.00 SqM
  3. Connected Load : 1062 KW
  4. D. G. Capacity : 567 KW
  5. Compressed Air : NA
  6. Office Building Air Conditioning : 68 TR
  7. Process Water : 20 KL
  8. Domestic Water : 66 KL
  9. Fire Protection Reservoir : 338 KL
  10. Plant Height : 09.00 M (Tie level)
  11. Structure Type : RCC & North Light

Atlas Copco India Ltd.

Atlas Copco is a World leader in three core business areas- Air and Gas Compressors, Construction and Mining Equipment, Industrial Tools and Assembly systems.

Atlas Copco India Ltd is setting up a Greenfield compressor assembly plant at Chakan in Pune. The entire manufacturing process from inventory to assembly to testing has been radically changed based on latest manufacturing practices. The plant is designed to be dust free and the compressor testing areas are sound insulated with dedicated ventilation systems.

A separate admin block is planned at the entrance of the plot. Vehicle and pedestrian movement is separated throughout the premises.

The total project cost is about 45 Crore.

  1. Plot Area ( 23.64 Acer ): 95,687.06 SQM
  2. Factory Shed: 14,027.86 SQM
  3. Total Area Of Construction: 23,459.00 SQM
  4. Connected Load: 1,000.00 MVA
  5. D. G. Capacity: 500.00 KVA
  6. Plant AirCon: 300.00 TR
  7. Process Water: 50.00 KL
  8. Domestic Water: 50.00 KL
  9. Fire Protection Reservoir: 300.00 KL


Emerson Network Power is an American Company with a global presence. This project is for manufacturing and assembly of large UPS systems up to 800 KVA, precision air conditions and outdoor enclosures.

The manufacturing area is ground +1 with heavy duty slab and a grid of 10m X 12m. The first floor roof is a curved metal roof.

The entire plant is air-conditioned at 30oC to maintain a dust free environment as there is a lot of heat generated in the production and testing process. The plant is designed as per FM Global standards and Leed Green Building norms.

The total project cost is Rs 70.00 Crore

  1. Plot Area ( 13.63 Acer ) : 55,154.00 SQM
  2. Production Area : 32,400.00 SQM
  3. Office Area : 2,750.00 SQM
  4. Connected Load : 5.00 MVA
  5. D. G. Capacity : 2,500.00 KVA
  6. Compressors 4 Nos. (125 X 4 ) : 500.00 CFM
  7. Plant AirCon : 460.00 TR
  8. Process Water : 100.00 CM
  9. Domestic Water : 200.00 CM
  10. Fire Protection Reservoir : 700.00 CM


This is a state of the arts chicken processing plant and cold store located near Harihar in Karnataka. The plant capacity is 6000 birds/hr. The facility is designed as per European Union GMP standards.

The entire process area is air conditioned / ventilated and of insulated sandwich panel construction. There is a walkable false ceiling suspended from a utility grid at 6.00m level. All utility pipes and electrical cables run on a pipe bridge and are distributed to equipment mounted on the utility grid.

The total project cost is Rs 42.00 Crore

Main Plant
Area – 10,865.00 SQM + Mezzanine (F.F.) 2,115.00 SQM
TIE Level - 8.00 M
Insulated Panel Construction With Floor Insulation.
Floor Drains All Over The Plant With S. S. Covers.
Air Conditioned With Vapour Barrier.

Utility Building
Area - 1390.00 SQM
TIE Level - 6.00M

Rendering Plant With Boiler House
Area - 725.00 SQM
TIE Level – 12.00M
  1. Ammonia Based Refrigeration Ammonia : 600TR (2110KW)
  2. Air Conditioning : 285 TR
  3. Forced Draft Ventilation : 87,700 CFM
  4. Vacuum : 50 KW
  5. Compressed Air : 224 CFM (7BARS)
  6. Steam : 2.8X2 TONNE/HR
  7. Hot Water : 20 KL/DAY
  8. Ambient Water : 1000KL/DAY
  9. Process Water Drains External. : 1200 M +950M
  10. Offal Pump : 120KL/HR (18.5KW)
  11. Electrical System : 2X1500KVA
  12. Raw Water System : 800 KL
  13. Effluent Treatment System : 800 KL
  14. Furnace Oil Installation : FO 40KL, HSD 40 KL
  15. Fire Fighting Reservoir : 100 KL NBC Norm


Eaton is an American company with plants in China & Brazil.

This plant is for manufacturing truck transmissions. Machine shop for gear cutting, heat treatment plant & assembly area are incorporated. The entire plant is pressurized for dust free operations with evaporative cooling.

The plant is designed as per FM Global standards.

Project Cost - Rs. 37.00 Crore up to Phase III

    Up to Phase III
  1. Plot Area (7.92 Acer ) : 32,087.00 SQM
  2. Production Area : 11,885.00 SQM
  3. Office : 1,720.00 SQM
  4. Connected Load : 2.00 MVA
  5. D. G. Capacity (3 X 500) : 1,500.00 KVA
  6. Compressors 3 Nos. : 850.00 CFM
  7. FDV : 5,10,000.00 CFM
  8. Process Water : 100.00 CM
  9. Domestic Water : 100.00 CM
  10. Fire Protection Reservoir : 650.00 CM


Cummins is an American Company with a global presence. This plant is for assembly and testing of small & medium power D.G. Sets. The plant is steel construction with insulated metal roof. There are two 10 ton gantries and provision for 19 roof mounted monorails and under slung gantries of 1 & 2 ton capacities. Process include assembly, testing and painting.

  1. Plot Area (5.93 Acer) : 24,000.00 SQM
  2. Main Plant Area EOU : 2,700.00 SQM
  3. Main Plant Area DTA : 5,100.00 SQM
  4. Office Area : 1,180.00 SQM
  5. Ancillary building for Utility & Services : 820.00 SQM
  6. Connected Load : 1,035.00 KVA
  7. D. G. Capacity (2 X 1500) : 3,000.00 KVA
  8. Office AC : 100.00 TR
  9. Process Water : 50.00 KL
  10. Domestic Water : 50.00 KL
  11. Fire Protection Reservoir : 400.00 KL


Transport Corporation Of India is a National Level logistics company. This facility is a logistic center built to cater to industries in the Chakan – Talegaon area. It has a cross dock and Distribution Center with 17 container loading stations.

The height is 15 m at tie level for high rise racking system.

  1. Plot Area : 30,537.00 SQM
  2. Total Built Up : 11,875.00 SQM
  3. Ware House : 9,688.00 SQM
  4. Mezzanine Area : 2,187.00 SQM
  5. Tie Level : 15.00 M
  6. Total Docks : 17.00 Nos
  7. Fire Tank Capacity : 175.00 CM
  8. Connected Load : 250.00 KVA
  9. Transformer : 315.00 KVA
  10. D.G. Set : 125 + 70 KVA


This Greenfield project was set up as part of their expansion plans in Western India. The project is located on a 15 acre plot at Kondapuri on Pune Nagar highway.

They are planning to manufacture transformers ranging from 160 KVA up to 10 MVA. The entire process like winding, vacuum curing, oven heating, painting etc is planned in house. The plan consists of three main bays and a lean to bay. There are overhead gantries ranging from 10 MT to 50 MT with different hook heights.

  1. Plot Area : 59,800.00 SQM
  2. Main Plant : 6,250.00 SQM
  3. Office : 890.00 SQM
  4. Utility : 60.00 SQM
  5. Connected load : 1,500.00 KW


The Greenfield project at Shirval was proposed as a State-of-the-Art facility for the manufacture of PVDC coated film, and Hard Gelatin Capsules. As both are Pharma grade products, the entire facility was designed for Clean-room conditions, conforming to FDA GMP standards. The total built-up area is 16,020.00 SM. Part of the plant has got Evaporative cooling and the rest is Air Conditioned, with 5micron filtration. All the utilities are concealed as the working areas need to be dust free. Care is taken to ensure easy maintenance. The total electrical load requirement was 2x1600KVA Transformers and 2x1250 Gensets. The entire system including distribution was designed by us.

Constructed Area: 16,020.00 SQM
                               1,72,400.00 SQFT


The green field project at village Mann Tal. Mulshi, Dist. Pune was designed as a modern facility for the manufacture of high end power supplies for Telecommunication equipment. The entire facility was designed as dust free conditions partially with Evaporatively cooled production area and air conditioned office. Since the production is of electronic equipment Antistatic conductive flooring of required grade is provided in manufacturing area. The utilities are provided at the rear end. The total Electrical load was 315 KVA 180 KVA D. G. Set was provided for back-up.

Constructed Area: 2,800.00 SQM
                               30,100.00 SQFT
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